And Your Lasts Shall Become Firsts…

As we counted down the days until our departure for Nicaragua, Marisa and I were also counting the “last times” we would get to do certain things in Harrisonburg.  Thinking about these “last times” was part of the grieving process of saying goodbye to the many familiar activities and people we would miss over the next 3 years.  However, after 5 days of being in Nicaragua, we are excited to report many of the new “firsts” we’ve experienced already (both good and bad).

Our First…

  • Sight of the lights of our new city from the plane window as we landed
  • Window washer trying to earn a living as we’re stopped at a stoplight
  • Night in a new bed, sweating ourselves to sleep, as we listen to the voices of our new neighbors
  • Plate of gallo pinto, Nicaraguan rice and beans, for breakfast

  • Bus ride through the busy streets of Managua
  • Realization of just how hot it is here, even in the rainy season
  • Meeting at Casa Ben Linder learning about the 1980 literacy campaign

  • Walk down the hot streets with an ice cream in hand, trying to eat it before it melts
  • Brush with robbers 😦 –  hence the pictures of Managua are from the internet
  • Air conditioned tren cultural an exhibition at the University also about the 1980 literacy campaign
  • Fiesta de bienvenida and tasty carne azada
  • Cold shower before bed and first thing in the morning
  • Stay at a Nicaraguan hotel with all of the MCC Nicaraguan partners

  • Encounters with our organizations and their work
  • Dip in the pool at night in the rain with Nicaraguan Mennonite pastors
  • Sounds of rain on the tin roof
  • Trip to Galerías, the fancy mall, for dinner

  • Day off!
  • Walk to Supermercado La Unión by ourselves!

  • Purchase with Nicaraguan currency – córdobas
  • Friends!  Thanks to Angela, Elizabeth Alan and Simoncito, Seth and Sarah, Beth, Laura, David, Yolanda, Sarah, Christa, Sandy,Martha, Marilu, Reina, Maria and all the others who have made us feel loved and welcomed in our first few days in a foreign land, in our new home.
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9 Comments on “And Your Lasts Shall Become Firsts…”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Rain on a tin roof – one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Hope you guys post often!

  2. cheryl shank Says:

    thanks for the update. i enjoy hearing about the ‘firsts’ and how assimilation into the new culture is going.

  3. KJB Says:

    Thinking of you guys. Keep the blog posts coming. Sorry to hear about your encounter with the robbers. Stay strong!

  4. wkshank Says:

    Well I was so impressed by your photography until you reminded us you don’t have your camera anymore. Oh well…there will be lots of time for your own photos later.

    Praying for you two as you adjust. Stay cool, move slow, and thank God for the little things. Nothing in your days is outside of his careful hands.

    Love –
    Aunt Wendy

  5. Karena Says:

    Thank you for sharing all these first impressions… you’re making me excited to get there!

  6. cheryl Says:

    thanks for keeping in touch! it’s good to hear that you’re finding so many exciting things in your first weeks. thinking of you!

  7. Betty Ressler Says:

    Thanks for the up-date. I pray that you & Marisa feel the sweet sense of my prayers.

  8. Alan Says:

    great first reflections…makes me think back to our first days here. And cold showers, morning and night, never get old in Managua!

  9. Rocio Says:

    I am sorry to hear that you got robbed your first few days in Managua I hope it doesn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth please be careful as for the weather I can relate it’s stinking hot here in tapachula but my parents and I are learning to adjust to the heat it will take about a week for you and marissa to adjust and I would recommend buying fans for every room it’s going to your saving grace trust me ps my parents , luke and Sarah send greetings. Lots of love rocio

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