Moblie Library Visit

A few weeks ago we went to the beach town of San Juan del Sur (close to where Survivor is being filmed) for a combination of work and vacation. The main purpose was for me to visit the library there, which has served as a model for other libraries across Nicaragua. (We still don’t have a camera so thanks to Emily Thrush for these pictures – I’m using a lot of them since our other blog posts have been so boring!)

This is the main library

This library also has a mobile project, which reaches over 30 rural communities.

Following the truck with all the books

One of several small rivers we had to cross

When we got to the last spot, the road was too washed out for us to go any further, so the kids walked over 1km and we read in the brush on the side of the road!

Adam reading with some kids

Here's our fellow MCC'er Beth reading in the trees

The little boys were loving the pictures of lions devouring their prey in this book.

Here's me as a librarian - I learn quickly!

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2 Comments on “Moblie Library Visit”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Awesome! Looks super-fun – driving a white Toyota double-cab pickup truck across a river – I think it’s an MCC requirement 🙂

  2. Megan Turley Says:

    Hahahaha sooo funny Elizabeth, looks like I´ve fulfilled the requirement too then. You look like such a natural as a librarian, Marissa! hehe Keep up the good work on this blog, I am super impressed.

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