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Our Casita

November 8, 2010

I would like to welcome you to our humble abode.

The view out of our back door onto the patio, and the orange and mango trees

In the picture above, the open gate leads to our Nicaraguan family’s house.

We’ve been living in this casita for 2 months, but only a few weeks ago did we officially start renting it and moved our own furniture in. It feels good to have more independence and to be cooking our own food! Our part of the house is attached to the house of our Nicaraguan family (Carlos, Margarita, Juan Carlos, Nancy and Juan Manuel). Here are a few pictures, more can be found on our new Picasa page.

From the front door looking into the dining room and out to the back patio

The front door is on the far left, then our bedroom, then our guest room.

The kitchen

From inside the kitchen looking out to the back patio

All we need now are some visitors!


Letter to the Ruta

November 2, 2010

Dear Ruta Urbana,

Thank you for getting me from here to there for only 12 cents a ride. I like how once upon a time you transported American kids to and from school, looking all generic in yellow and black. Here, in your second life, you can be painted a wide variety of festive colors, have streamers hanging off your sideview mirrors, have a bumpin’ sound system, and have Jesus stickers and various scripture verses adorning your walls.

not my picture, source here

You have truly converted yourself from a safe, relatively boring school bus into a rough and tumble city bus where more often than not there are not enough seats for everyone. Thank you for planning ahead for this – you put rails on the ceiling, sometimes 3 of them running parallel down the middle, just in case the people standing are 3 rows deep.

not my picture, source here

Sometimes you get me to where I’m going at a frightening speed, even racing other buses to get more passengers. Other times, you stop by the side of the road to let the driver get a drink of water because you are running ahead of schedule.

not my picture, source here

I’ve even had to learn your language:

  • Ruta means bus
  • Suave means slow down, someone is trying to get off/on
  • The nonsensical numbering of the routes
  • The special hand signal to get you to slow down and pick me up

Thank you for getting me to and from work everyday. I look forward to continuing our relationship.