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Letter to the Sun

April 20, 2011

Dear Sun,

You are so kind to shine so brightly

Thanks for slowing my walking pace so as not to break into a sweat.

Your bright rays try to reach me as I cower behind whatever object that provides me shade (a telephone pole, small bush, palm tree, etc.)

You scorch my skin daily providing me with a killer (farmer’s) tan.

You dry out the land making dust cover every surface, requiring daily mopping of floors.

You have provided a new understanding of what “hot” means. Never again will I take air conditioning for granted.

Now, could you move a side for a little while so some clouds and rain can come through? I’ll probably be wishing for you to come back again in a few months:).

Much appreciated,



Mobile Library online

April 8, 2011

It’s official! The mobile library is now on the MCC Global Family webpage and open for sponsorships! Check out the other great programs while you’re on the site.