A Visit to Guatemala

It has already been several months since Marisa and I went to Guatemala to visit my sister and spend a week with my family learning about Katelyn’s life since August.  What an amazing experience Katelyn is having in Guatemala, Marisa and I were so impressed by the ways that she’s adapted and changed to her new environment.

Catalina showing us how its done

After a long 18 hour bus ride, Marisa and I arrived at SEMILLA/CASAS, the Anabaptist Seminary and language school in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  We had both studied Spanish there before we were married and it was there that our love for the Spanish language, Central America, and each other grew.  Needless to say we excited to see that the seminary had grown and seemed to be flourishing since we were last there.

Beautiful flowers in the entryway of SEMILLA

The next day we finally reunited with Katelyn after 6 months of being apart and later that day we went with her to wait at the airport for my parents and Bryce to arrive.  After a happy reunion and short time in the city we spent most of the week in Katelyn’s quite lakeside village of Santiago, Atitlan.  Katelyn introduced us to her co-workers, host family, and dozens of other friends she’s made over her months in Santiago.  We were amazed by her newly acquired ability to speak not only Spanish but Tzutujil, the town’s native indigenous language, as well.


During our short week Katelyn gave us a peek into her new world; we were honored by two delicious meals with Katelyn’s host family, given a tour of Santiago with its Catholic Church, Peace Park, and mudslide remnants, and even asked to be judges of a singing, dancing, posing contest invented on the spot by some of the children Katelyn works with in her job.  In addition to all this we also enjoyed being tourists in Santiago and the surrounding area, taking in the beauty of the lake and its volcanoes.

Sunrise on Lake Atitlán

Thank you Katelyn for a wonderful week and for your passion and dedication to the people you are working and living with in Guatemala.  I know you won’t be the same person when you return to the States in a few months and I’m confident that you will have only changed for the better.

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One Comment on “A Visit to Guatemala”

  1. Esther and Ernie Mast Says:

    Always enjoy your updates! Blessings to you both.

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