In our (almost) 9 months in Nicaragua, we have been blessed by many wonderful friendships.

We have a great MCC team…

Old picture, but it'll do. Front row: David, Angela. Second row: Liz, Marisa, Christa, Beth, Sandy. Third row: Sarah, Alan, Beth, Laura, Nate, Adam.

We’ve made many friends at church…

At a youth retreat

Pamela and Marcos are our best friends in our neighborhood. We often go out in the evenings to watch street soccer and eat pizza, Marcos and Adam play basketball, Marisa and Pamela do crafty things, they took us to the beach when Katelyn visited, they are buena gente:)…

Marcos y Pamela

Francela, Marisa, Pamela and Ishsha all dressed up for a Christmas dinner

Adam and Marcos' joint birthday party

David and Araceli also go to our church and just welcomed a baby girl into their family

Another David, our compañero at MCC, on a hike to Volcan Masaya

We have also been blessed by a wonderful host family that we can count among our amigos. We don’t have many pictures of them but here is their grandson:

Juan Manuel catching the last minutes of the Real Madrid - Barcelona game on his Nickelodeon Radio

There are countless other amigos that we have made that we don’t have pictures of, and so many more amigos to meet:)

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One Comment on “Amigos”

  1. Beth Claassen Thrush Says:

    I love this post and these people. So glad you have so many good friends! Keep up the excellent blogging.

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