Sometimes it’s hard to know, between blog posts, emails, facebook, skype conversations, and telephone calls, the image we are portraying of our life here in Nicaragua.  While our time working with MCC in Nicaragua has, in many ways, been one of the most difficult times in our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually we have also found a lot of joy here in Nicaragua.  Despite the difficulties, Marisa and I are, simply stated, happy.  Our lives feel very full and very rich with work, friends, and daily living.  In this blog post we want to share pictures of two important celebrations that we’ve had here over the past few months: Marisa’s birthday in June and our 4th wedding anniversary last week.

Marisa was lucky enough to have two birthday parties this year!  First we celebrated with church and MCC friends at our old Host Family’s house after our weekly small group meeting…

Marisa received a special birthday serenade by Pancho as Pastor Efrain and our host mom Margarita watch.

Marisa and MCCer Laura who returned to The States in June.

Marisa, Laura, Lloyd, and Angela fellow MCC workers.

Friends from church and small group members, our good friend Pamela is the person closest to the camera.

Marisa and I with the special birthday cake made by Pamela’s mother-in-law, gotta love that shiny, sweaty glow:)

Everyone knows Marisa is a big partier 😉  We had another party at our house two days later for MCCers and other friends that couldn’t attend the party at our host parent’s house…

Pamela helped us prepare chicken tacos for the party.  You can also see the kitchen of our new house.

MCCer David and friend Pedro making their tacos.

Our friend Marcos, who always has something up his sleeve, is friends with a guy who is forming a folkloric dancing group.  As a surprise for Marisa they gladly came and performed several songs on our front patio.

These chavalos were really good!

Lovely ladies on our front patio.

Our good friend David.

Well this post has gotten really long!  To be continued with the promised pics from our recent anniversary trip…

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3 Comments on “Celebrations”

  1. cheryl Says:

    thanks for sharing these pictures. looks like it was a lot of fun celebrating.

  2. Sharon Says:

    You both LOOK happy!!! Thanks for the pics and blog update.

  3. […] various activities Marisa and I have tried to plan with friends here in Nicaragua.  Whether it’s birthday parties, watching championship soccer matches, or church youth activities our best-made plans rarely work […]

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