The telephone game


There are many funny English translations we’ve seen in Nicaragua. Today we bought a new telephone and we read the manual just to make sure we knew how it worked.

It was very helpful…


The function usage of this manual explains, the real object function not necessarily has all. Regard real object as to allow.


Welcome usage this telephone, use this telephone is a latest development of, advanced the design of IC in adoption ;The function is strong and big, is you ideal choice.


1, attention:Should install in the dry and well ventilated place, avoid exploding to bask in the sun.

2, insert the plug of the telephone line rope to the electric outlet of the size of cowgirl respectively, the straight electric wire is on carrying to connect with each other with outside line electric outlet.

3, exchange the type of sytem of the machine according to the native telephone, turn the “P/T” switch to the position of cowgir.


According to the demand, please turn the P the switch of T to the position between P or T.


During dialing press this keya 3.6s pause will be inserted bet ween the two digits. This function is used to the extension dialing.


During your private conversation, by bressing and hold the MUTE button.the caller will bit be able to hear your voice.reset the MUTE button to re-normal the conversation.


Press the REDIAL. Can immediately stir just the telephone number that stired


Press the FLASH, The line will be broken for100ms (Or 1000MSs) to get the new diaing tone.


When flash is the “R” botton user can conferenco.

*transcribed directly from the telephone manual

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One Comment on “The telephone game”

  1. Sharon Kniss Says:

    Absolutely hilarious!!!

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