I am the 1%

And I stand in solidarity with the 99% worldwide.

1) I have never gone to bed hungry

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations identifies 1.5 million Nicaraguans as undernourished.

2) I chose to be a “volunteer” overseas

  • All my costs are covered including: food, housing, health insurance
  • I receive a stipend to spend as I desire that far exceeds the $2 a day that 76% of the country lives off of
3) I received a quality education at a private university
4) I have white skin
5) I know how to read
  • 67.5% “official” literacy rate (2003). This rate depends on your definition of literacy…
6) I speak English
Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for for the priveledges and opportunities that I’ve had in my life and I don’t feel guilty or want anyone else who has enjoyed a priveledged life to feel guilty either. However, I do want to recognize them for what they are; priviledges that most people in the world were not born in to like I was. I also want to recognize that in some ways I’m a hypocrite for even writing this post considering I have money invested in the very financial system that the Wall Street protesters are denouncing.
I am the 1% in solidarity with the 99%. I am NOT a Democrat or a Republican. I am not anti-U.S. or anti-capitalism, but I think it’s time to recognize that we have some serious problems of wealth inequality in the United States that are only getting worse.
I think people with great ingenuity that have worked hard and created businesses deserve to be wealthy, but I also think that those who work on the front lines of those businesses deserve to be paid a living wage and deserve to be able to go to the doctor when they get sick.
I am the 1% in solidarity with the 99%. I saw many people in Harrisonburg who worked harder every day of the week hanging turkeys in a poultry plant than I have ever worked in my whole life and still barely made ends meet. Here in Nicaragua people work 10+ hours a day selling fruits and veggies in the street under the burning hot sun and the majority will never be able to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” and make a better life for themselves or their kids. Life is not fair, but if people like me change the way we’re living it can get better for many.
Sorry for the Debbie Downer post. Sometimes life seems “hard” here and it’s good to keep things in perspective. Plus, we’ve been enjoying reading the news about the Occupy Wall Street movement and I felt inspired:)

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4 Comments on “I am the 1%”

  1. I love this post, thank you for writing it.

  2. Alan & Beth Says:

    Excellent post

  3. Malerie Says:

    Well written you guys! Completely agree. Sending a hug from here!

  4. Kate Says:

    Great post guys!

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