With this post, we are beginning a series we’d like to call “The 5 NicaSenses”

Whenever I picture someone being somewhere I’ve never been, I always wonder what they’re seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing, etc. So, we thought we’d try and elaborate on some of what we’ve been sensing during our first 15 months in Nicaragua.


Nicaraguans are really, REALLY proud of their food

A Parillada (or meat fest) served to us on New Years Day 2011

Favorite Nica food to buy on the streets:
  • Tajadas con queso – fried plantain strips (chips) with a slab of fried cheese on top, covered in a vinegary coleslaw

Tajadas con queso, wrapped in banana leaves

Favorite Nica recipes we try to recreate at home:
Hard tortillas (tostadas)
Refried beans (make your own or buy them)
Salty, crumbly cheese
Cabbage slaw (shred some cabbage and carrots, add some diced tomatoes. Make a dressing with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano)
1) Assemble: Put the tortilla on a plate. Spread the beans on top. Sprinkle on the cheese and add the cabbage slaw. Top with hot sauce and sour cream if desired. Try to eat without making a huge mess.
Sopa de Frijoles
Make a pot of beans from scratch, with extra water
1) Scoop some of the beans out with a slotted spoon, leaving about 2-3 cups of beans swimming deliciously in the broth
2) Stir in some milk and some sour cream
3) Bring soup to a boil. Carefully crack eggs into the soup (1-2 per person).
4) Cook without stirring over medium heat until eggs are cooked through.
*Adapted from the Extending the Table cookbook. Look on page 94 for more detailed instructions.
So, what else are we eating day to day?
  • Spaghetti – almost weekly appearance
  • Stir fry/fried rice – the green Lizano sauce is surprisingly delicious in Asian food
  • Oatmeal – most mornings with banana, peanut butter and honey
  • Bread – I’m on a homemade bread-making kick lately. We’ll see how long into the dry season this lasts…
  • Eggs and potatoes – either scrambled eggs and fried potatoes, or in the form of a Spanish tortilla. These are both Adam’s specialty

During Bryce's visit, we were served enormous fish!

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