Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the city,
People were cooking their “gallina rellena” and making themselves look pretty.
Except for two gringos busy as bees in a hive,
Knowing their guests were soon to arrive.

They had agreed to host a party to “provide only the house”,
But at the last minute realized a few details had been left out.
The guests were expecting to be well fed,
And visions of tasty chicken dishes danced in their heads.

So one gringo was cleaning, mopping the floors of the kitchen,
While the other set out to buy five roasted chickens.
But when he arrived at the store he observed such a clatter,
That he raced to the chicken counter to see what was the matter.

And as he hurried to the back of the store,
His heart sank when he realized what the clatter was for.
It seemed many others thought it would be great,
To take home a juicy roast chicken wrapped in plastic on a styrofoam plate.

He encountered several shoppers with sad baffled stares,
Realizing their Christmas tables this year would be bare.
And his high Christmas spirit began to turn sour,
When they explained that more birds were coming in an hour.

When what to his watering eyes did appear,
But a worker with a cart with the chickens so dear.
He arrived at the front of the line with a smile,
And began to build his Christmas chicken pile.

He could feel several sets of eyes now locked directly on him,
And decided to stop at four chickens now realizing his sin.
The clerk at the counter then said with a sneer,
“One person with four chickens will never make it out of here!”

To the checkout line in a flash he dashed with alarm,
As the four piping hot birds seared his tender forearms.
When at long last a shopping cart he had in his hands,
He took just a moment to formulate his plans.

With his wife by his side they would split the birds two and two,
So quick as a wink in a taxi to the supermarket she flew.
The four birds were bought and no one protested,
And they arrived safely at home relatively unmolested.

The party was lively, everyone enjoyed the food,
Never knowing it was obtained in a manner quite rude.
And despite all the craziness the couple was still able to recite,
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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2 Comments on “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

  1. A.Bizz Says:

    “As the four piping hot birds seared his tender forearms.”

    You always did have very sensitive skin.

  2. […] few days after we hosted our Christmas party, the Shank family arrived! We had a lot of fun showing them the beautiful country that is […]

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