Shank family visit!

A few days after we hosted our Christmas party, the Shank family arrived! We had a lot of fun showing them the beautiful country that is Nicaragua as well as introducing them to our friends here.

First dinner at our house, soon after they got off the plane.

We went to the Isla de Ometepe, an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua that was formed by 2 volcanoes.

We're on a boat

Hiking up a volcano to see some waterfalls

Walking through a plantain forest to get to natural mineral pools.

We spent New Year’s Eve weekend in Managua with our church and friends.

Family + friends

Watching New Year's Eve fireworks in front of our house

Don preached on Sunday with interpretation by Adam

We went to northern Nicaragua to a coffee plantation named Selva Negra.

Our Nica-chalet

The Nicaraguans were cold

It was really fun to have the family here to visit!

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One Comment on “Shank family visit!”

  1. wkshank Says:

    I’m so glad you all got to do this! It looks like so much fun, and what great family memories.

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