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Things we never thought we’d be doing

March 2, 2012

On Saturday, February 25 we completed a year and half here in Nicaragua, reaching the mid-way point in our three year term. Halfway through our time here, we are learning to be ready for anything and wanted to share with you all some things that we never thought we’d be doing before coming to Nicaragua:

1) Playing Softball

2) Putting on a puppet show

3) Attending church activities 3+ times a week

4) Performing interpretive dance to popular Christian songs in church

5) Giving a sex talk to teenagers

6) Preaching

7) Helping to plan a Central American youth convention

8) Running laps around a traffic circle for exercise

9) Frying our rice before boiling it (yes, it is delicious)

10) Sleeping with a mosquito net (Marisa was starting to look like she had chicken pox)

Here are some pictures of some of these things plus a few more. We’ll leave Adam’s interpretive dance in church up to your imagination:)

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