The heat is on

It is not a coincidence that a year and 10 days ago, I posted this Letter to the Sun.

Life here in Nicaragua is once again a hot and sticky mess. It is that awkward time between dry season and rainy season.

We are experiencing the time of the year that locals compare to a pressure cooker – the pressure builds and builds until it explodes into a thunderstorm.

Unfortunately it has been 8 days since the last thunderstorm and the pressure continues to build daily.


1. A daily “heat escape” plan

Our favorite escapes include McDonalds, a fresh juice place, Pizza Hut, the mall, the grocery store, the movie theater, etc…

2. At least 2 showers a day

This is an ironic necessity because this is also the time of the year with the most water shortages.

3. Carrying a hanky with you to mop the sweat off of your forehead

The hanky doubles as a fan!

4. Ice

Ice water, iced coffee, ice cold coke…

5. Hourly cloud analysis

Are those huge white clouds going to turn into thunderheads?!

What keeps us going?

The hope that comes with the 10 degree drop in the temperatures right before it rains

The fun Russian roulette of: will I get soaking wet on my way home or not? Should I take my umbrella or not? Should I bring the laundry in from outside?

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