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More things we never thought we’d be doing…

June 15, 2012

Sometimes its fun to sit back and laugh about the new places and situations we find ourselves in here in Nicaragua. In a different culture with different practices and traditions we are doing many things that are normal here, and in some ways now feel normal to us after being in Nicaragua for almost two years; however, we never could have imagined doing many of the things in the following list back in the States. This is an updated list from another post we wrote back in March.

Fun/Positive experiencies:

1) Giving sermons in Spanish. Adam just gave a 45 minute sermon last week in church, a record for him but not for the pastor who has been know to go on and on for an hour and a half.

2) Designing and performing choreography to a much loved praise and worship song in front of the entire congregation (Adam again). Here is a link to the song, you can imagine your own interpretive movements ­čÖé

3) Making up new words to a different popular praise and worship song and singing it in front of other workshop participants while wearing a Mardi Gras mask (seriously, how does Adam get himself in to these situations?). Adam has his singing debut 30 seconds into the video.

4) Enjoying tasty pizza with friends from the many street vendors who sell a slice for 10 c├│rdobas (43 cents). Our favorite joint is called “Big Pizza” and they always offer their slices with oregano, red pepper flakes, and ketchup. Yum!

Marisa’s not a big fan of the ketchup option

5)┬á Pretending we’re cowboys at a local rodeo/horse show.

With fellow MCCer Nate Abrams in Teustepe.

Marisa, Liz, and Nate enjoy an Eskimo ice cream while horses, trucks, and every other type of vehicle  imaginable parade by.

Annoying/Frustrating/Sad experiences:

1) Emptying cans of Raid on all the creepy crawly or blindly flying insects that go nuts during rainy season.

2) Seeing naked people from the bus window on the way to work. Marisa has now seen both a naked woman and a naked man in the street.

3) Feeling guilty about going on vacation because we’ve seen more of Nicaragua than our friends who’ve lived here their whole lives.

4) Pushing to the front and shouting what you want to the store clerk instead of nicely waiting in line for your turn.

5) Jumping over rivers of water to get to our front door as the streets quickly flood during rainy season. The combination of insuffiecient sewer and drainage systems, more concrete and construction each year, and torrential downpours leaves Managuan streets, h0uses, and citizens in serious trouble every rainy season (the entrance to our house really isn’t that bad).

Taxi gets stuck in the flooded Managuan streets.