Things I might forget upon my return

We are rapidly approaching our 2 year mark in Nicaragua! In these 2 years we haven’t been home to visit yet and I am starting to worry about how weird we might be when we eventually go back.

Here are some of the things I might forget upon returning to the United States:

1. That I can throw toilet paper in the toilet.

I’m totally used to throwing it into the trash. And, I’m totally used to carrying toilet paper with me wherever I go, because there is a good chance that a public restroom won’t have any.

2. That it is not normal to kiss people on the cheek to greet them

I have a mental file in my head of people I kiss and people I just shake hands with. But, greetings are so important here I feel like US American culture will feel cold and reserved to me.

3. Personal space in general 

You mean it’s not normal for the person behind you in the grocery store line to be breathing down your neck? The other day I quickly turned my head to the side and literally almost bumped noses with the person behind me!

4a. My skin color…

Chelita! White girl! Heard many times daily.

4b….or the fact that I am a beautiful princess

I’ve gotten pretty used to being called a beautiful white princess and its kinda nice.  I think my blue eyes freak people out. I’ll be ready to feel a little more “normal” and deflate my big princess head a bit:)

5. How to drive

I haven’t sat behind the wheel of a car in 2 years. Yikes! Do they offer a behind the wheel refresher course?

6. How to wear layers

The weather here is so predictable: HOT. No cardigan necessary unless you are going to the movie theater. Then wear your winter coat.

7. Spanish

Just going on vacation for 1 week with our English speaking friends made me feel like my Spanish skills were rusty. Practice and constant immersion sure do help!

8. What it is like to fly in a plane

I haven’t flown in a plane in 2 years. That is a personal record for me.

9. That you have to wait in line 

You mean I can’t throw ‘bows and yell out my order at the corner store?! How about getting onto an already overcrowded bus?

10. What it is like to have a washing machine 

I’ve mentioned this several times. Let’s just say I’ll never, ever complain about doing a load of laundry again.

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2 Comments on “Things I might forget upon my return”

  1. Esther and Ernie Mast Says:

    Great entry, Marisa! I’m sure now that Kaitlyn announced her engagement that you and Adam are doubly eager for this last year to fly by!

  2. cheryl Says:

    i enjoyed reading this entry. these little treasures of a ‘foreign’ country really make sense, but unless one has experienced another culture and way of life one can miss out on how enriching it can be. continue to make memories and embrace each day.

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