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Visit to Retirement Home

September 26, 2012

Adam and I continue to meet with a group of youth that were involved in planning the Youth Conference in April. We are studying the book “The Naked Anabaptist“, which describes core principles of the Anabaptist faith. We have enjoyed this book club as a way to enter into discussions about what church means to us, or how we view Jesus.

We didn’t just want to have times to reflect on what we were reading, but also to act on the conviction we read about. This month, we decided to visit a retirement home to spend time with the residents there.

Retirement homes are not common here because the custom would be that each family takes care of the older person.

Many of the older people at this center were abandoned by their families and therefore don’t recieve visitors.

They were happy to talk with us and the ladies cheered up when they got their nails painted.

This old lady dubbed me “la chelita bandida” aka the white girl rascal. (doesn’t translate well)

All in all, it was a great time to listen to their stories and brighten their day!