Returning Home


We just returned to Nicaragua after 3 weeks in the United States visiting family and friends over the holidays. We had so much fun reconnecting with people, playing games, eating lots of delicious food, and seeing snow again! We’ll share more thoughts and pictures from our visit in a future post.

Having not even been back to Nicaragua for 12 hours yet, I’m struck with how “at home” I feel here. Putting on my chacos again felt like putting on a second skin. Hearing the street vendors outside quickly got us up to speed with what vegetables are in season (avocados!) and what ice cream is on sale (sundae cup). The neighborhood grocery store aisles felt familiar and easy to navigate. I missed the slight glow from perspiration (weird, I know!), the beautiful blue sky and BRIGHT tropical sun.


I think leaving Nicaragua and coming back again gave us both fresh perspectives on life here. We are realizing how awesome it is that we have the opportunity to live in a tropical paradise for 3 years. Even more than that, what a blessing it is to be surrounded by friends that have become like family here. When we hopped out of the MCC truck at 1:30am, our friends Marcos and Pamela were sitting on our front steps waiting anxiously for us.

The rest of our time here will be spent with one foot here in Nicaragua and one foot back in the U.S. I am so grateful we had over 2 years of full immersion in Nicaraguan life before we went back to the States. My challenge to myself is to remain as present as possible in every moment, because I know our last 8 months here will fly by!

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