Seeing Light in the Midst of Darkness

This post was inspired by our friend and former MCCer, Elizabeth Claassen Thrush, who posted on Facebook a very thoughtful reflection on 10 ways that Light is stronger than darkness in 2012. After reading the post, we got together with some friends and everyone shared how they had experienced light in the midst of darkness over the past year. It was a very moving time of sharing and I wanted to post the reflections that Marisa and I had here on our blog. It’s easy to name all the things that caused us fear in 2012, but as we start a new year, it’s important to also remember the places we saw hope, the light of Christ, even in the midst of darkness. It’s good to remind ourselves that this world isn’t as scary and its inhabitants aren’t quite as bad as sometimes we believe them to be. Here is a combination of our lists, more or less in chronological order:


Ways in which we saw Light in 2012:

1. Generosity of Nicaraguan friends and co-workers who have shared abundantly with us over the past year.

2. The unconditional love of Hermana Margarita towards the children of her neighborhood. The care with which she runs the children’s program at her church shows God’s love to many children who might not experience a lot of love in their homes.

3. Participating in the Central American Mennonite Youth Conference and experiencing the communion between 85 young people from Central America, Mexico, the United States, and Puerto Rico.

4. Continuing to meet with Anabaptist youth from Nicaragua forming an intimate group of friends who have shared, laughed and cried together throughout the year.

5. Sitting in the middle of an expansive beach and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

6. In service to each other, when one of us does some chore around the house that neither of us feels like doing.

7. In reading good books that have made us reflect on our lives and our faith. (Naked Anabaptist, Contracorriente, Basta de Religion, The Politics of Jesus, and more!)

8. Hearing the laughter of Juana’s and Marcos and Pamela’s children as the run and play around our house. Children make friends so easily and enjoy each other’s company so much!

9. Seeing the passion and joy a friend who, even after many years of being a Christian, told us he finally feels sure that God loves him.

10. In the hugs of family and friends in the U.S. and the time they spent listening to our stories.

11. In the incredible singing during the Christmas Eve service at Park View Mennonite Church that brought us to tears.

12. Meeting the girlfriends and boyfriends of our brothers and sisters. We are so proud of them!

13. In the examples of good marriages and families where love is apparent and service is mutual.

14. Returning to Nicaragua after a trip to the U.S. and not knowing exactly how we would feel after three weeks of vacation and great time with friends and family only to find our friends Marcos and Pamela waiting for us on the front steps of our house at 2 in the morning to welcome us home! They immediately reminded us that we have people who love us here and a community where we belong.


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3 Comments on “Seeing Light in the Midst of Darkness”

  1. abthrush Says:

    Crying. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful list!

  2. Sharon Says:


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