A tale of two shoes

I’ll admit, I have an addiction to shoes. Cute shoes call my name from the aisles of Target and they often end up in my cart as an impulse buy. Usually these cute shoes end up being uncomfortable and banished to the back of my closet.

Moving to Nicaragua and being limited in what I could bring definitely redefined my attitude towards shoes. I had to reduce my shoes to only the most necessary, practical, versatile, and comfortable pairs. In a tropical climate, I wear sandals 99.7% of the time*. So, I’ve spent most of  my days over the past 2 1/2 years wearing 2 pairs of sandals.

These sandals are top notch, have been with me throughout the years and continue to serve me well. However as these troopers begin to wear out it is interesting to reflect back at all the places they have been. Here’s how my 2 main pairs break down:

Me and my Old Navy flip flops during our honeymoon in Mexico

Me and my Old Navy flip flops during our honeymoon in Mexico

Old Navy flip flops
Date purchased: June 2007
Color: Black
Original purpose: All around slippers, beach flops, etc.
Oh the places you’ll go: Honeymoon to Mexico, Outer Banks family beach trips, countless beaches in Nicaragua, and the shower once or twice daily.
Current condition: The right one just broke – the thong part separated from the sole

Proof that Chacos really are versatile! Hiking through mud and then out to dinner later

Proof that Chacos really are versatile! Hiking through mud and then out to dinner later

Date purchased: May 2004
Color: Black
Original purpose: Versatile shoes to go on Cross Cultural
Oh the places you’ll go: Guatemala for EMU cross cultural, Honduras free travel, Chicago MVS, Spain to visit Adam, College at EMU, Hiking on our Honeymoon in Mexico, Switzerland, countless miles logged in the streets of Managua, and all over Nicaragua.
Current condition: I got these re-strapped and resoled before coming to Nicaragua, so they are living their 2nd life. They have since been glued back together twice, once by a shoe repairman that sits in front of the grocery store  and once by Adam and a bottle of super glue.

It’s been kind of nice to rely on 2 pairs of shoes day in and day out. I see my Chacos as kind of my fashion trademark. I know most Nicaraguan women would never dream of wearing shoes so “unfeminine.” They love their heels! As I transition back to the States, I realize I will need a major shoe overhaul. I just hope I can remember to look for quality ones, to be surprised at how long I can wear them, and not be tempted by those cute, cheap, uncomfortable ones.

* To be completely transparent, here is a list of all the other shoes/sandals currently in my closet:
– Chaco leather flip flops (to go with brown outfits)
– Dansko Mary Jane heels (Sunday shoes)
– Tennis shoes (to get my workout on)
– Gold strapped wedge sandals with heels (to go on a hot date)

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2 Comments on “A tale of two shoes”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Chacos are oh, so fabulous!

  2. Kevin Says:

    You know you could just get some different colored straps and some chaco close toed shoes and make your closet a chaco one when you get back?

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