That weekend when we did ALL the fun stuff

This weekend was full of new adventures.

On Saturday night, we attended our first big-name concert in Nicaragua. We saw the Mexican band Maná play their last show in their Drama y Luz tour. The venue was the national soccer stadium, which holds upwards of 30,000 people. We hopped out of our taxi and walked along the blocked off road, unaware of the adventures that lied ahead…


We got to the stadium and we had absolutely no idea where to go. We saw a short line and hopped in it thinking, wow how awesome. We got here just in time to avoid a long line! Adam decided to call his dad since he forgot his birthday last week. While he was on the phone, I realized that we were in the wrong line and we had to climb 100+ weirdly irregular steps in order to get to the top. Rounding the bend our faces fell as we realized THIS is where the line was. And it was a huge, huge line that criss-crossed the dusty parking lot. We finally found our way to the back of the line and realized we were in for the long haul.

Oh, and did I mention the dust? It was like standing in a dust storm. Every time a car passed (which was often considering we were standing in the middle of the parking lot), the dust enveloped us. There was a visible layer of dust all over our clothes. My hair was so dusty I couldn’t run my fingers through it. I got an eye infection having so much dust in my eye. You get the picture.

Anyway, after almost 3 hours of waiting in line, we finally arrived at the entrance. We bought the nosebleed seats, which were so high up we had a beautiful view of the Managua city lights.


The opening band was almost done by the time we entered. Maná came on stage around 10:15pm and played a full 2 hour set of their greatest hits. The crowd was INSANE. People knew every single word to every song. They were shouting along so loud that it literally drowned out the actual band.

It all proved to be worth it in the end!


Sunday we went to a baseball game! The Managua team played the Army team. Baseball is Nicaragua’s beloved pastime and it was great to finally experience it for ourselves. The stadium was pretty empty, we were sitting in the shade, it was great! We had great Nica-syle stadium food of vigaron (yucca with vinegary coleslaw on top) which we washed down with ice cold cokes.


Our MCC co-worker Kevin said he thinks the Nicaraguan baseball experience is probably what it was like to go to a game in the 1940’s in the U.S. (but since none of us were alive then, we don’t really know what he meant).

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