Adam turns the big 2-9

At the end of March we headed to the Anabaptist/Mennonite Youth Conference, which was held in Costa Rica. You can check out pictures from the event on Facebook. Last year we were heavily involved in the planning of the event, so this year it was nice to just attend.

These youth have become some of our closest friends here in Nicaragua. Adam’s birthday was only a  few days after getting back from Costa Rica so they of course wanted to get together to celebrate! Adam knew we were getting together with the group to eat baleadas (a typical Honduran food). What he didn’t expect was a cake complete with trick candles, 2 tiny piñatas and getting his face shoved in the cake!

This was a very memorable, very Nica birthday celebration. I happened to get some of it on video. Enjoy!

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2 Comments on “Adam turns the big 2-9”

  1. agidasin Says:

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing, guys!

  2. Luella Says:

    Hilarious! Love it 🙂 What a fabulous celebration!

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