Heat, revisited

It is that time of year yet again.

Managua Weather Forecast and Conditions   weather.com

It is hot.

It is lose-your-mind-and-your-motivation hot.

It is sit-in-McDonalds-for-3-hours-with-your-iced-latte hot.

It is sleep-without-sheets-and-two-fans hot.

It is hose-yourself-off-while-watering-the-plants hot.

It is slimy-oily-wet-skin hot.

It is see-a-terrible-movie-just-for-the-air-conditioning hot.

It is peel-your-wet-jeans-off hot

It is don’t-you-dare-touch-me hot.

It is let’s-eat-bowls-of-cereal-for-every-meal hot.

It is let-the-water-run-for-five-minutes-until-it-gets-cold-enough-to-shower hot.

It is so hot all the cockroaches crawl out of their hiding spots and die.


BUT, an amazing miracle occurs at the end of every dry season.  The trees seem to give it their all – even though they haven’t had a drink since November. The trees are exploding with vibrant colored flowers:



yellow tree

These trees offer me a constant reminder that yes, this too shall pass, and that the rains WILL come!

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One Comment on “Heat, revisited”

  1. Darrel Says:

    Not sure this helps you deal with heat in any meaningful way but we’ve have 3-4 inches of snow in the past 2 days. Our tulips are persistently poking up through the snow reminding us “that yes, this too shall pass” and the sun will come!!


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